Linux designed to defeat state censorship and surveillance.

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MOFO Linux is an operating system optimized for defeating all major methods of internet censorship and surveillance used by governments, corporations, schools, and internet service providers. It is a tool created to empower people for exercising their inalienable rights to privacy, freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly, in accordance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The system contains office, multimedia, and internet applications enabling you to read, write, watch, or listen to any media from anywhere with an internet connection.

Tor Browser in MOFO Linux
Tor Browser in MOFO Linux.
Bitmask VPN in MOFO Linux
Bitmask VPN in MOFO Linux.

MOFO Linux is designed for easy usage on home PCs, laptops, and any computers installed in internet cafes around the world. Use MOFO Linux to break free of authoritarian powers intending to control the flow of information or "own the truth." For version 4.0, MOFO Linux is built upon Ubuntu 15.04, with all of the latest software for productivity and entertainment.

MOFO Linux has Encrypted DNS, OpenVPN, Softether, Tor, and I2P installed to provide anonymous and secure access to the internet. The system is designed for running from a bootable USB stick or "frugal install" on a hard drive / SSD. Browsing history and usage tracks are destroyed on shutdown.

Usage and installation options are many. MOFO Linux can be used as a boot disc, installed to USB or SD flash memory, or installed on a hard drive in a manner similar to other live Linux distros. A suggestion for easy portability is to install MOFO Linux to a flash drive using the included installer, UNETBOOTIN, or DD copy method." Use it as a pocket operating system, which will boot and run well on nearly every PC one is likely to encounter.


As of version 4.0, MOFO Linux is configured with one default user account, with the ability to switch to root. There are no passwords in the default MOFO Linux distro. You may create your own password, if desired, but it is not necessary for typical usage.


Due to the removal of Openswan and dependencies from the Ubuntu repositories, L2TP/IPSec is not an available VPN. Strongswan is installed, providing IPSEC VPN connectivity.


Softether is the newest VPN protocol available in MOFO Linux. It is capable of fast broadband data transfers, uses strong encryption, but is highly targeted by censorship authorities. Client software for Linux is still sparse, but MOFO Linux includes the official client with connectivity through manually entered shell commands.


To use an Open VPN service with MOFO Linux, follow these steps:



I2P is a new robust privacy and anonymity network. It is configured as a proxy, but does several complex tasks to conceal identity and browsing activity. Tor is an older network, with a well developed infrastructure providing anonymity to internet users. For Tor, use the "Tor Browser" application, found on the launcher or by entering "Tor" in the Dash search field. For I2P, use the "I2P Controller" application, found by entering "I2P" in the Dash search field. These networks contain internally reachable, anonymized sites as well as exit nodes to the open internet.

The Tor Browser, Tor Messenger, and OnionShare applications are fully configured for routing through Tor. If you are in China or other countries which block encryption, use the Tor bridges and pluggable transports to defeat the blockage.


Veracrypt is the top software for file system encryption. It has great features and performance, able to encrypt drives and directries, even hiding them from detection. Encryption is even better than its predecessor, Truecrypt, and the user interface is much improved.

Ecryptfs is an encrypted filesystem with support built into the Linux Kernel. It is fast, strong, and efficient enough to keep users' files safe from unwanted access. Ecryptfs is the principal means of encrypting the home directory and other storage volumes in Linux.

It is suggested that users run MOFO Linux from a flash drive and keep a separate flashdrive partition for encrypted files. Another option is to use a separate drive and encrypt its entire contents, accessing it through Veracrypt. Doing that, it is possible to carry a large volume of data which is quite difficult to detect and even more difficult to decrypt. In theory, a well-arranged encrypted volume should be secure for centuries. Be careful to create strong passwords. Do not allow any secret keys to be compromised.


The very good Ubuntu multimedia apps are enhanced with built-in audio equalization, compression, and limiting for extra punch in home theater / office presentation environments. Extra radio stations have been added to Rhythmbox for access to news, music, and political programming.


MOFO Linux 4.0 continues with language options introduced in MOFO Linux 3.0. MOFO defaults to English on startup, but Chinese and Arabic system languages may be selected from the Settings application. Select the desired language, then LOG OUT and LOG BACK IN without turning off the computer. The new language will then be activated.

Firefox may be switched between Chinese, Arabic, or English languages at any time by using the Tools -> Languages menu.


MOFO Linux wishes to acknowledge and thank the developers creating Ubuntu Linux, the base system upon which MOFO Linux is built. Ubuntu provides incredibly smooth operation, fast perfomance, and a pleasant user interface quite suitable for building customized systems. The developers of the many cryptographic / VPN systems used by MOFO Linux get a not too! Without OpenVPN, Tor, RSA, SSL, and other goodies, the world would be a much less free and more dangerous place.

Good Luck And Hang Tough,
Captain Thermobaric

Disclaimer: Creators or distributors of MOFO Linux bear no responsibility for the actions of end users. Users of MOFO Linux are responsible for their own actions and should consider legal implications of evading local and national censorship rules and take suitable measures to prevent interdiction. That means, "don't stand in front of a police station in China and browse Facebook. Don't let the cops see you visit dog grooming sites in Tehran."

For the changelog, visit the MOFO Linux Download page.

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