A free media is relevant only with freedom of access.

MOFO Linux is about freedom to access anything on the internet. Your choice. Your Twitter. Your Youtube. Your Facebook. You name it and you connect to it. No censors. No Big Brother.

Download MOFO Linux version 2.0:

MD5SUM: dd431c88b5d4d7aac84c632660611d92
SHA1 :  97c2b460961a8a974473665097d1bb8ba8e13f37

MOFO Linux is a specialized version of Porteus Linux, designed for overcoming internet filtering and surveillance imposed by service providers, governments, or other entities. MOFO Linux has networking settings optimized for high speed, uncensored DNS resolution, and easy OpenVPN usage. It includes the Firefox web browser, Skype, office utilities, and multimedia software. MOFO Linux uses the elegant Razor-QT desktop for speed and efficiency.

The MOFO Linux uncensored desktop.
The MOFO Linux Desktop

The MOFO Linux uncensored desktop establishing a VPN connection.
A VPN connection in MOFO Linux

MOFO is designed for easy usage on home PCs, laptops, and any computers found in internet cafes around the world. Use MOFO Linux to break free of oppressive authorities trying to control the flow of information or "own the truth." MOFO Linux has Privoxy, encrypted DNS, and OpenVPN support included among its more hardened features. Usage and installation options are flexible.

MOFO can be used as a boot disc, installed to a USB device, or installed on a hard drive in a manner similar to other live Linux distros. Use the popular UNETBOOTIN tool or the internal PORTEUS USB installer to create bootable USB drives with MOFO Linux.

Browsing history and computing activity are destroyed when MOFO Linux is shut down from "copy to RAM" and "always fresh" boot selections. The "Persistent Changes" option features automatic retention of settings and files for users of flash memory devices or hard drive installations.


To use an Open VPN service with MOFO Linux, follow these steps:

VPN Gate Alternate Mirrors



Firefox is the default browser, and there are two proxy options: privoxy and I2P. Privoxy is a local proxy designed to filter out much of the junk one is subjected to during a browsing session, and it blocks a fair amount of scripts and web code. I2P is a serious privacy and anonymity tool. It is configured as a proxy, but does several complex tasks to conceal identity and browsing activity. Both services are configured to start at boot time and are continuously available. Firefox in MOFO Linux defaults to Privoxy, but I2P can be used by simply setting the proxy ports. The new settings will be retained if persistent changes are used.

To use Privoxy, configure Firefox to use these proxy settings:
http on
https on (SSL encrypted pages)

I2P uses different ports, but the same local IP address:
http on
https on (SSL encrypted pages)

Why is Tor missing from MOFO Linux?

Although Tor is a popular way to evade internet censors, it has some significant security flaws. Tor is also much slower than the average openvpn service. For more information, read these white papers about the Chinese government's attempts to block TOR and how TOR has been broken by both law enforcement and criminals. For those reasons, it is not included in MOFO Linux. If the flaws are fixed, TOR will be included in a future release.


Set up a special encrypted and obfuscated container for your sensitive files using Truecrypt. A common method is to use MOFO on a large flash drive, and set up a hidden container inside a separate partition. Truecrypt is quite strong - it takes a very, very sophisticated adversary (and a very, very long time) to detect and break a truecrypt container.


New to MOFO Linux 2.0 is built-in support for Chinese (Simplified)! Users in China will appreciate the greater ease of use provided by having two langages available. MOFO defaults to English, but the language may be changed through the System Tools menu. Click on the desired language icon. Log out then log in to activate the new language settings.

MOFO Linux includes Privoxy, to enhance your privacy, greatly reduce advertisements and eliminate known internet junk. Privoxy is flexible! You can use it as is or reconfigure it to suit your needs.

Remember - MOFO Linux is a special version of Porteus Linux, so whatever modules and tweaks are possible with Porteus are possible with MOFO. Visit the Porteus Forums to learn more about how this innovative system works. Further refinements to MOFO Linux (disk encryption, links to proxy and VPN services, etc) will be posted here, so visit regularly, and contact the webmaster if you have questions specifically regarding MOFO Linux.


A bug has been found in MOFO Linux v2.0 which prevents the encrypted DNS from functioning. To restore normal DNS encryption, open a terminal window and execute the following command before connecting to the internet:

sudo chmod 644 /etc/resolv.conf


MOFO Linux version 1.1:

MD5SUM: 83586ac7e0a74b156acf6dc493bd9c25
SHA1 :  8efc2b4e70405698642470cab1a4369c00af30a3

MOFO Linux Changelog:

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