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Greetings and salutations, friends. I am the creator of MOFO Linux. It is a live GNU/Linux system crafted as a tool to compute with elegance. Indeed, it is fulfilling to build and share an elegant system packed with applications to defeat three things which I have experienced first hand and deeply despise: censorship, surveillance, and malware. We human beings can have differences of opinion about a great many things; other core truths are not negotiable:

  1. Two plus two equals four.
  2. We all breathe the same air.
  3. Sunlight is given to us all, without favoritism.
  4. We are all made of billions' year old carbon and oxygen older than the Sun.
  5. There are universal rights which belong to all humans.
  6. Information spreads like heat. It spreads the same way time moves forward.
  7. Justice is the basis of peace between us.
  8. Justice can endure indefinitely.
  9. Ammo will run out sooner or later.
  10. You can share MOFO Linux but you can't share a Windows system.
  11. All things end in reckoning.

Authoritarians love to tell us all what is and what is going to be. Then they set up barriers to protect the narrative. I tend to embrace the "MOFO" spirit and do what I can to fight authoritarians. Always have been that way.

"We're peers. We're equals. We'll make justice or we're gonna make smoking rubble."

If we all can have access to information - whether speech, visual art, scriptures, music, mathematics lectures, or whatever else - we can find a way closer to truth and to a way to share this world.

Thank you for visiting :-)
Philip C. / MOFO Linux

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