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MOFO Linux is focused on accessing media and connecting people across barriers dividing them. Being effective, and someday ending censorship, requires knowing the environment where the censorship is applied. Who does it? Who opposes it? Why are people not allowed to publish content? Why are words, sounds, or images hidden from them? WTF is to be done about it? How does circumvention technology work? These are the things to read about below.

About Censorship: The Fight to Control Thought and Expression

Essentials of Censorship Breaking
Alarming Censorship in Democracies
Project Geneva Versus the Great Firewall
10 VPN User Tips
VPN Gate - Free Public VPN Servers
China and Universal Human Rights
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Censorship & Technology News

Tor 0.4.7+ is Getting FAST
Boomer U.S. Judge Orders ISPs to Block Certain Pirate Sites
Countries Pledge to Keep Internet Free, Open, Global, Interoperable, and Secure
Freenet Has Updated to Version 1493 (higher performance)
Russia’s Sovereign Internet Takes Root
Internet Shutdowns - Autocrats' Last Resort
Myanmar Junta Escalates War Against Circumvention Technology (Fuck the Myanmar Junta)

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