MOFO Linux: Notes and Bugfixes

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i3 Window Manager

Note one: i3 is not like conventional user interfaces. Refer to the i3 keybindings and learn how to manage your windows, bring up the menu, and create your keyboard oriented workflow. It is fabulous, but it is not like Windows, or vanilla Gnome or MATE. Toggle your floating windows with "Shift + Super + Space" exit your session with either "Ctrl + Alt _ Del" or "Shift + Super + e".

Key bindings for i3, Neovim, and Tmux are linked from the README page bookmarked Vivaldi.

Streisand and Algo VPNs

MOFO Linux 8.0.0 has a script bug in Algo and Streisand controllers which causes the script to fail if opened from Rofi (the application launcher). The fault has been fixed and is slated for release in MOFO Linux 8.0.1 and later. If you have the first version 8 release, start either VPN from the terminal and it works okay. Go the command line and enter:


Some users report "no audio" on certain hardware. In some cases it is due to the system not recognizing the hardware and loading improper audio drivers. Try the solutions well documented in the Ubuntu forums to modprobe the best audio modules. In other cases, the fault was in a too narrow device specification in the Pulse Audio configuration. In the file /etc/pulse/, look near line 46 for the code:

load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:0,0 sink_name=processed_output

Replace it with:

load-module module-alsa-sink device=sysdefault sink_name=processed_output

Restart Pulse Audio or reboot the system. Check the audio by entering "sound Settings" and clicking the test buttons.

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