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You may have noticed that much time has passed since the release of MOFO Linux version 7. In fact, there have been no minor updates, bug fixes, or point releases. To be honest, it was my opinion that MOFO Linux 7.0 did its job quite well, but was becoming less relevant as communication and assembies were trending more towards smart phones. So many easy-to-install smartphone and Linux apps were appearing, that it did not seem productive to update and publish a fresh MOFO Linux iso,

However, I have discovered quite a lot of people still wanting a Linux desktop system which resists surveillance and enables access to the global internet. There are distros providing strong privacy, such as Tails and Wxonix. They work well for PRIVACY and ANONYMITY, but they are not so focused on ACCESS to the net. All three purposes depend on cryptography, but the focuses are different. MOFO Linux is focused on access. It is also a system you cannot simply get by installing Ubuntu and adding a few VPN and disk cleaning applications. Ubuntu is bloated and has software installed which make Google, Amazon, and other large commercial portals easy to use, but which share user information. MOFO Linux strips that out for performance and to be a more "quiet" distro, which respects your privacy, and ruthlessly circumvents censorship.

Why the large Linux distros have failed to go hard core in helping users defeat censorship and surveillance is a simple matter of courage. Look at how Apple quickly buckled under pressure from China to strip VPNs from ita App Store. If you want blood money, plenty of dictators will help you market products as long as they do not empower the masses. Apple is not unique in talking a friendly game, but bending to the will of regimes that will do us all harm. Google wanted market access and was also willing to sell out its users. They will take the money and don't care who tells you what to think or not think, what to read or not read, what to listen to or not listen to.

In the modern world of internet services, you are either the customer or the product. You are either going to eat or be eaten.

So, the service providers are ever willing to collect and sell user data. Authoritarians and dictators are building ever stronger filtering systems to deny your rights to assemble online, speak and be spoken to, or to worship in you own manner. Smart phones are not the whole answer. For that matter, neither are the small number of Linux distros which are serious about access and / or privacy. and / or anonymity. Until operating systems muster some courage and go full-on against censorship technology, there remains a need for operating systems like MOFO Linux.

Game on, stand by fellow MOFOes, as version 8 is in the works. Ubuntu 20.04 - debloated, remade as a badass system which will get you over the barriers and do it in an efficient, effective, and frictionless manner.

MOFO Linux

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